Shorthand FAQ

Using Shorthand for Storytelling

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Embedding Content into Other Platforms

Once published, you can embed your Shorthand story into anything that accepts full HTML code.

  1. Click Republish
  2. Click Copy Embed Code
  3. Paste the code into the desired document
Screenshot of "Embed this story into your site" option

Embedding Content into Your Shorthand Story

Copy a link from the other platform and paste into the Rich Media option in Shorthand.

Screenshot of Insert Rich Embed Option

Or, copy code from the other platform and in Shorthand click Add Section, Custom HTML. Paste the code into the resulting block, and click Preview to view the results.

Custom HTML Option under "Add Section"

You can even embed your pre-existing Google slides.

You can even embed your pre-existing Google slides.

SIGnetwork Newsletter

SIGnetwork Newsletter

A few ideas for embedding content into your Shorthand Stories

  • Tableau Public: For visualizing maps and data
  • Padlet: For interactive boards
  • SoundCloud: For adding audio to your story
  • InfoGram: For infographics
  • Youtube/Vimeo videos
  • Many more!
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Notes About Alt Text

Here are a few resources that were recommended to me about alt text. The gist:

  • Consider putting the keyword phrase near the beginning of the description, then move into a description.
  • Be specific and succinct. Aim for 10-15 words at most.
  • Describe information, not aesthetics
  • When images include text, simply write the text as the alt text.

How to Write Great Alt Text Descriptions

How to Write Better Alt Text Descriptions for Accessibility

How to Write Great Alt Text - and Why it Matters

My personal pet peeve is: Imagine you have to listen to someone read you literally everything that is on the webpage, including 'link,' 'visited link,' 'combo box,' 'navigation bar,' etc.  You find yourself wanting to scream 'Read me just the facts!'

Lighthouse Accessibility Check

In a Chrome Browser:
Click the more options option in the far right
Click "More Tools," "Developer Tools"

Screenshot choosing more options (three dots), More Tools, Developer Tools

Select "Lighthouse"
Select "Accessibility" and "Generate Report"

Screenshot of clicking an arrow for more options, then the Lighthouse option

Screenshot of selecting Accessibility option, then clicking Generate Report

Lighthouse will generate a score and display any accessibility issues.

Running Lighthouse in Incognito mode may get the best results.

Lighthouse accessibility score: 98

Shorthand Themes

Themes offer some preset design options for your header and sections.

The themes available in our plan are Shorthand Basic, Shorthand Blue, and a custom-branded SIGnetwork theme. Click the Themes icon to change the theme of your story.

Themes column with SIGnetwork, Shorthand Basic, and Shorthand Blue options